In your aMember there’s a huge danger hanging on your business like an 8th century, heavy and sharpen guillotine. This, from one moment to another could decapitate your sales!

Read this article very carefully, to avoid that this happens to you, let’s start…

By now everybody knows, that with membership and info products, the best technique trio to earn money online is: CMS + aMember + CMS.

Regardless you’re using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or others…

There’s a fatal mistake hidden behind the corner, that’s going to cut all your sales and it could make your site disappear from every search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ect.) wiping out your online business.

Now, down here, we try to understand how to avoid that this happens to you!

Let’s pretend you’re using WordPress…

If you’re using WordPress with aMember and you’ve the graphic integration, that allows you to see the Header and the Footer of your WordPress theme like aMember’s graphic theme, I have to give you a bad news: YOU’RE IN DANGER! Damn it!

I have to warn you on a really awkward point.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS. We set up Plug-In already created, whose planning codes we don’t check if they are well written, same for themes. If you’re not an experienced WordPress web designer, probably you’ve bought a theme.

So, technically you’ve no control on the code. You don’t know how it’s written, if it contains bugs that make it exposed to attacks.

Furthermore, the theme and the plug-in don’t change often the code; and if they do we don’t update the version in a timely manner. That’s what I do, and we all do. It’s human.

Obviously you don’t have a WordPress costumer assistance, that guarantees some safety dynamics. At least, if you pay some service they give you some technical support, but they can’t guarantee you that you’re not going to be hacked. No one can. People hack NASA super safe server, imagine a WordPress.

This because evil hackers (so called cracker) are searching daily for vulnerability, and under attack, mostly, are Open Source software.

Do you want to know how evil hackers
hack your site with extreme facility?

Well, I tell you the simply dynamics…

WordPress code is Open Source, so you can read it, and every time it gets update, developers release a “Progression Log”.

A file saying:

This version brings those alterations.

  • Improved in this aspect in admin;
  • Improved CSS code for base theme Twentyxyz…;
  • Fixed safety bug on this thing…;
  • Added function X: now it’s possible to do this, this and that;
  • Ect…

Did you notice something weird?

Probably not, but, in this improvements, an evil careful developer, who is used to think with program logics, reads:

“So, if in this version they improved a safety bug it means that in previous version there was a problem…”

He does this for WordPress, plug-in and theme (from the page source code you can know everything.).

From that moment on, he starts to develop the baleful code to attack all your WP from previous version to the last one.

Now that all the antivirus (most of all in Windows pc) inform the user if a web page is infected. If your WordPress is attacked your sales will be crushed out.

So, every time you’re going to use graphic integration of your WordPress theme in aMember, you’ve to remember the evil hacker who’s creating baleful code to attack you!

You’re putting in danger your sales.

But now you’re thinking:

“But the aMemeber default graphic it’s not same as the one of my web site.”

I know, you’re right but today there’s a solution to all of this.

You can customize aMember, you can make it graphically professional and you can make it look like your site: with your brand colors, more or less with 30 clicks.

Are you fast enough to make 30 clicks, and to graphically upset and improve your aMember, avoiding your sales to crush down?

Do you want to know how to fix this problem once and for all?